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Barry Lee Clark  I am a Southerner, a father, husband and Christian and a soon to be retired field grade officer on active duty in the Army; I have served for just over thirty years. I spent four years of my youth at The Citadel in Charleston.  I am neither a theologian nor a professional historian.  I do however ask many questions and endeavor to find answers and I believe, or at least hope, that I think critically and with the understanding that God provides.

I have blogged and written in various places on the internet since around 2002.  I did so anonymously for the most part because of my profession.  I wanted to be free to be honest in my opinions and views.  It is not too terribly difficult to find some of those writings now and from time to time I reference some of those old, previously anonymous posts as I begin to feel the freedom of my approaching retirement.  I will say that then, as now, I did not have all the answers to critical questions.   Much of what I wrote previously dealt with international politics, constitutional issues, liberty and cultural matters.  I believe at the core most of my positions were correct and defensible to this day.  I have always, through my writing, sought more to answer questions for myself rather than make statements of dogmatic fact.   My current purpose is to write and think about deeper and more permanent issues, because ultimately getting those matters correct make it so much easier to get second and third order matters right.  Perhaps at the end of this current journey, if there is an end, I may return back full-circle and examine some of those issues I originally started with.

I am a Christian, by which I mean I have placed my faith in Jesus Christ as the redeemer of my sins and my savior.  I believe that the Bible is the inerrant word and revelation of God.  If one needs a more solid definition, I accept the Apostle’s Creed as an adequate explanation of foundational Christian beliefs.

I do not know many things.  I do not know for certain how the Earth was created, I only know that God was capable of creating it in many ways, all of which could fit into the narrative passed to us in the Bible. I do not know if my personal preference for a solemn and liturgical form of worship is just a personal preference or if this really matters.

In simple terms I think C.S. Lewis put it best in Mere Christianity.  All men in all times have known there is a God because he wrote parts of his law in our hearts (natural law).  The God of the Bible is God because his words to us and the prophecies from the Old Testament are real and it takes active denial to avoid such.  Salvation is as simple as placing faith in the redeeming grace given to man through Jesus’ death on the cross.   Every single other thing are complicated things, some twisted by man some worthy of examination.  It is important to get the simple things right first.

Politically I do not fit into any modern definition, paleo-conservative might best fit.  I believe that there ought to be a connection between man, God, natural law and our form of government and that to be free a people must also be essentially good.  My time in the Army, on various deployments and operations, has informed my views on the world and shown me firsthand the ramifications of bad political ideology.

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