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The review is published quarterly and includes articles submitted for inclusion and abstracts of articles published elsewhere and working papers that fit with the theme of that particular issue.  Each issue tackles a particular topic, from a thematic approach.

If you are interested in submitting an article for The Calhoun Review simply email us at  Please ensure your article is sourced with a bibliography and endnotes/footnotes.


The Calhoun Review, Issue 1, Volume I, 2016 – Secession and Devolution in Contemporary Geopolitical Theory

Abstract: In this inaugural issue of The Calhoun Review we examine the topic of secession, particularly as it applies to contemporary political discussions in the US and internationally. In the standard narrative of US history, particularly as told over the last 30-40 years, Calhoun was the godfather of secession which lead to a war and was proven a flawed and illegitimate concept.

The thematic topic this quarter squares nicely with our recently published Annotated Secessionist Papers and adds the perspective of an international contemporary view to the subject.


The Calhoun Review
Quarterly journal of Constitutional Law, Federalism and States' Rights in the tradition of Calhoun
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